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Travellers 5 Barrel Rum

Traveller’s Liquors has been producing well-balanced and appropriately priced spirits in Belize for nearly 60 years. Our favorite is 5 Barrel Reserve.  Check it out.


Long known for their popular One Barrel Rum, Traveller’s Liquors Ltd. is a Belize City based distillery that specializes in rum, vodka and brandy production.  They started with a humble bar in 1953 and catered to tourists and business people who were traveling through the area.  Like most local bars in the Caribbean, they began to distill and blend their own rum.  Their spirits were well received and over the years the technique was perfected.  Traveller’s remains a family business and their pride in country and product shows in everything they do.

5 Barrel Reserve, the latest release from Traveller’s Ltd., is made from high grade, freshly cut sugar cane, distilled and aged for 5 years in American Oak Barrels.  At the moment it is only available in Central America.

The packaging of 5 Barrel is subtle.  It is presented in a short 750ml bottle with embossed scroll work framing the label and a plastic screw top.  Travellers could score some points by adding a real cork.

5 Barrel flaunts a rich medium-amber color and a quick swirl reveals long thin legs that slowly cascade down the side of the glass and hang just above the pool of rum below.  The nose is sweet with notes of brown sugar, caramel and a hint of tobacco and citrus. My first sip of 5 Barrel was a true pleasure.  It is much smoother than I expected of a rum this young with rich flavors and very little burn.  The texture is silky and notes of caramel and butterscotch are quite pronounced then give way to hints of orange peel, burnt sugar and allspice.  This rum should be enjoyed neat or with an ice cube or two.

Overall, Traveller’s has done a really nice job with 5 Barrel Reserve.  It holds many of the same characteristics of their younger rums, but much more bold and refined.  The tradition of sweet-balanced Central American rum remains intact with 5 Barrel Reserve.  To top it off, a bottle costs a mere $15 which puts it at the top of our list of rums in that price range.


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