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7 Sirens Launch

A new craft spirits company from Portland, Oregon rolls out 7 Sirens, a premium white rum from Trinidad.


imageYour mojito is about to get a whole lot better. Introducing 7 Sirens, a white rum that brings a new quality and elegance to the spirits category. With an exceptionally smooth and creamy flavor developed with craft cocktails in mind, 7 Sirens is available now in Oregon and will be rolling out across the United States over the next 12 months.

Portland-based Founder and CEO William Oben is a wine and food connoisseur with 12 years of experience in the wholesale wine business. A native of Puerto Rico, Oben believed that the time had come for a better rum. He spent two years researching and tasting rums to achieve his dream of a premium, single origin rum using the craft production techniques seen in comparable spirits such as whisky and tequila. He traveled to the Caribbean to discover and hone the 7 Sirens recipe and found Trinidad to be the perfect collaborator.

“Through my experience in the wine and spirits business, I always felt like there was opportunity to change the way rum is perceived,” explains Oben. “7 Sirens does just that. It’s smoother, cleaner and more nuanced than any other rum I’ve tried.”

The Caribbean island of Trinidad’s warm and sultry climate makes it the ideal location to produce 7 Sirens. An extremely controlled production process and the highest quality ingredients are key in creating the brand’s distinctively smooth flavor which includes subtle notes of fresh molasses and tropical fruits such as pineapple and grapefruit.

The brand is available at Portland’s premier craft cocktail bars such as Tear Drop, Clyde Common, Imperial, Departure Restaurant + Lounge and the Rum Club. To find 7 Sirens please visit: or email