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All Hands on Deck

Shellback Rum and the Modern Mixologist team up for the “All Hands on Deck” cocktail tour.


Shellback Rum, a new premium rum, and Tony Abou-Ganim, The Modern Mixologist, will kick off a six-city series of interactive mixology “All Hands on Deck” experiences on March 13th in Dallas, TX. Over the course of the program, mixology expert, Abou-Ganim will explore the premium taste of and modern mixology applications of Shellback Caribbean Rum. Following Dallas, “All Hands on Deck” will be executed in San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

Inspired by the nautical heritage of Shellback Rum, “All Hands on Deck” celebrates the spirit of forging new experiences and progression in life. In each city, Shellback Rum invites adventurists and tastemakers for an evening of tasting and discovery of all things Shellback. Guests will arrive primed with their own set of bar tools, glassware and ingredients. Guided by cocktail luminary, Tony Abou-Ganim, participants will learn the proper techniques for muddling, shaking and serving, all while crafting sophisticated modern updates to classic rum cocktails made with Shellback Rum.

“Rum is by far the most diverse spirit category for creative mixology and I am so excited to be working with the new offerings that Shellback has brought to the market,” said The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim.  “Shellback Silver gives us big notes of rich vanilla and luscious, ripe tropical fruits to play with; while Shellback Spiced is refined and balanced showcasing the vanilla, cinnamon and cloves that work beautifully in a variety of cocktails.”

The inaugural “All Hands on Deck” experience will launch in Dallas, TX on March 13 at Marc Events in the Design District and sail on to San Francisco, CA (April 10), Miami, FL (May 2), Chicago, IL (June 25) and New York, NY (July 9), culminating on National Rum Day in Los Angeles, CA (August 16).