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Alma de Bohemio 8 Year

While browsing the aisles of one of our favorite spirits shops we discover Alma de Bohemio, a Panamanian rum that has somehow eluded our grasp until now.  


Bohemian Soul
by Mike Streeter


Two weeks ago, while lazily driving south on US1 through the Florida Keys, I stopped at a place called Discount Liquors in Key Largo.  I know this to be a shop with good selection, fair prices, and every now and then, the holder of some unique and forgotten cane spirits treasures.  

I browsed the rum aisle and picked up two of my favorites, a 750 of El Dorado 12 and a half gallon of Flor de Cana 4, both for a very good price.  Then I spotted a bottle that looked unfamiliar to me – Alma de Bohemio 8 Year from Panama.  How have I not heard of this rum before?  I tucked it away in the shopping cart and looked forward to sampling it when I got back to Key West.

As it turns out, the Alma de Bohemio brand (which translates to ‘Bohemian Soul’) has been around for a while, we had just never crossed paths with it.  Bohemio 8 Year is distilled using a two-stage method and then diluted to bottle strength before aging.  It rests in centuries-old American white oak casks and then blended by master blender Don “Pancho” Fernandez of Zafra, Havana Club and Ron de Jeremy fame.

I’m personally of the opinion that 5-10 year old rums occasionally hold greater character than some of their more mature cousins and Alma de Bohemio 8 Year definitely fits into this category.  It is a beautiful medium amber color and the initial aroma is wonderfully sweet, as is common of many Central American rums.  

I’m surprised at my first sip of Bohemio 8 year.  It is much smoother than I expected and the oak notes much heavier than is typical of a rum this age.  Flavors of allspice and tropical fruits are present with fading hints of vanilla.  It is a wonderful slow sipper with an ice cube and would lend itself nicely to cocktails.

At just 20 bucks, Alma de Bohemio 8 Year has quickly become one of my favorite rums in this price range.  This potent Panamanian rum surely embodies the “Bohemian Soul” and is destined for much success.  Be sure to give it a try!

Until next time, Cheers!