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Alnwick Rum Rebirth

The original 90 year old recipe for Alnwick Rum is rediscovered and inspires the resurrection of an entire brand.  Here’s more…


Alnwick Rum was first produced in Northern England during the First World War as a unique and complex blend of pot-still and continuous-still rums from Jamaica and Guyana.  The brand was originally associated with Alnwick Brewery Company Limited and both companies were taken over by Drybroughs Brewery in July of 1978. The Brewery ceased trading in 1986, by which time the rum company had already stopped production.

Lost for over 20 years, the original recipe for this distinguished dark rum was unearther by Ian Linsley, son of the last Managing Director of Alnwick Brewing Co.  Having already unsuccessfully attempted to acquire the limited company some time earlier, Ian was delighted to find it had become available at the beginning of 2003. He was finally able to re-register Alnwick Rum Company Limited and began the complicated process of finding a suitable blender to revive the product. When this was at last achieved, Ian was then in a position to breathe new life into the rum which is based on the age-old recipe.

This distinguished dark rum, which has been enjoyed around the world for generations, is a precise amalgamation of very specific rums from the islands.  The introduction of other selectively aged rums during the marrying process gives this exceptional blend a distinctive, full, round character with a depth of flavor to delight the palate.

The resurrected company is still based in Alnwick and is searching for replacement premises since the original brewery was demolished, despite its listed status, in the 1980s. Development of the new Brewery and Distillery will allow the blending and bottling of Alnwick Rum to finally return to Northumberland. Until then the aged Guyanese and Jamaican rums, which give Alnwick Rum its distinctive full round character, are expertly blended in Holland and the resulting Alnwick-approved blend bottled in Scotland.  The legend lives on!

Have you tried Alnwick Rum?  Let us know what you think of it.  Keep an eye out for more interesting developments from this traditional brand.