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New Look For Angostura

The bottle and labeling of Angostura 1919 and 1824 get a serious makeover.  The new look packaging will roll out in the fourth quarter of 2011.



Angostura has unveiled their new super premium repackaging for Angostura 1919 and Angostura 1824 at this year’s Vinexpo.  Both premium rums have undergone a facelift to reveal elegant new look bottles, labeling and packaging.

Speaking about the new repack Wayne Yip Choy, Angostura CEO commented “We are delighted with our new look Angostura 1919 and Angostura 1824 super premium rums. We’ve created a sophisticated bottle that discreetly plays on all that is wonderful about Trinidad and Tobago and our international range of rums.  It was important to us to create a sense of range alignment with our international rum range and we believe that the changes will not only excite our consumers and customers, but gives them a little something extra”.

The repack presents Angostura 1919 and Angostura 1824 in ergonomically shaped bottles which successfully blend the traditional Angostura iconography with a more modern and fluid shape.  The new packaging offers an iconic decanter and specially commissioned original artwork which features on the neck label and gift carton. Inspired by Trinidad and Tobago, the artwork incorporates national elements including: the scarlet ibis, the national bird of Trinidad & Tobago, taking pride of place on the nations coat of arms; the ship, symbolic of discovery; the sugar cane in arrow, signaling the ripening of the sugar cane; the dancer, the joyous spirit of Trinidad and Tobago; and the butterflies, numerous in variety and as colourful as the rainbow people of La Trinity. A beautiful glass embossing of the Angostura signature butterfly on the base of bottle provides the final stamp of approval on the repack.

Brian Woods, Senior Marketing Manager added: “The new repack reflects our heritage and values.  Conscious of our desire not to over-brand, we have delivered luxury packaging which I firmly believe keeps us ahead of the game and further cements Angostura’s reputation as a world leader in producing some of the finest, smoothest rums on the market ”.

The new look bottles will be rolled out in stages to markets with the first market taking delivery in the fourth quarter of 2011.