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Angostura Cask Collection

Angostura has announced the launch of No. 1, the first in a new series of limited edition rums.


imageAged in special casks and bottled at 40%, No.1 is the first rum to be released in Angostura’s new Cask Collection. The entire offering is dedicated to “specialty barrel” rums.

The first blend of Angostura No. 1 is made from hand selected rums aged 10 to 12 years. It is then left to mature for an additional year in first fill Bourbon casks at their aging facility in Trinidad.

A multi-national release of No. 1 rolled out in the UK last month with an initial offering of just 20 cases. There will be fewer than 10,000 bottles available globally with upcoming releases in the US and parts of Asia.

Alison Gibb, Angostura International Brand Manager, comments, “It’s the first Angostura premium rum to be aged in our first fill Bourbon barrels and we are confident that this initial interest will continue to grow as the collection expands.”

Angostura has long been a household name known for their iconic Aromatic Bitters, but they have also been creating a strong reputation for themselves in the rum world. They are a distilling powerhouse with several popular brands under their own name and supply bulk rum to countless boutique brands around the world.

Angostura No. 1 is available in specialty liquor shops for $60.