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Angostura Cocktail Challenge

Following months of competition, the Angostura Global Cocktail Champion has been crowned.


Daniyel Jones was appointed Angostura’s Global Cocktail Champion at this year’s Challenge which was held at the House of Angostura last Sunday.  He out scored competitors from all over the world, ran away with a $10,000 prize and the opportunity to be Angostura’s Brand Ambassador for a year.

It was the eighth Cocktail Challenge held by Angostura over the years and the first time that someone from Trinidad and Tobago has won.  Head Judge, maestro Salvatore Calabrese, stated that the presentations by competitors were of a high standard.  “I was very surprised at the professionalism that Daniyel displayed.   He was creative and produced complex cocktails while displaying all the traits of an excellent mixologist” he said.

Excitement was high as the competitors prepared rum cocktails as well as a cocktail with a spirit of their choice in just 7 minutes.  Winning the Rum Category was Stanislav Mukhin of the Ukraine and Daniyel Jones won the Freestyle category. All competitors received a medal of participation, toured the beautiful island of Trinidad and the facilities where the famous Angostura aromatic bitters and Angostura rums are made.  They were able to experience J’Ouvert and play mas on Carnival Tuesday before relaxing down the islands on Ash Wednesday.

The theme of the challenge this year was “Dimanche Gras” and the House of Angostura was turned into an 18th century plantation house, with ladies and gentlemen of the court in residence, showing their visitors the Waltz. Various traditional carnival characters appeared in the courtyard – Pierrot grenade, Jab Molassie,  Dame Lorraine and soca artist Fyah Empress performed to the large crowd.

Angostura was pleased with the success of the competition and that their visitors were able to experience what, not only Angostura had to offer, but the true splendour of the country where their fine products are made, Trinidad and Tobago.