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The Week in Rum

The Week in Rum

Cocktail recipes, Havana Club’s latest, a guide to Navy rums and much more in this week’s news


imageUnion (aged rum) has been developed by two of Cuba’s most passionate characters, Havana Club’s Maestro Ronero, Asbel Morales, and Cuba’s most renowned cigar sommelier, Fernando Fernández. Click here for the scoop on HC’s new partnership with Cohiba.

Vancouver’s rich history never ceases to inspire me in my quest for unique cocktail creations, and for this week’s post, I drew inspiration from the city’s role as a rum-running hub during the United States’ prohibition era (from 1920 to 1933).” Three top rum drinks from Vancity Buzz.

The Royal Navy‘s invasion of Jamaica in 1655 had a lot of terribly negative outcomes. The commanders ended up in the Tower of London. Many of the English sailors fell sick or starved. A lot of Spanish settlers died. But there was one undeniably positive outcome: rum. Gizmodo releases a guide to Navy strength rum.

Festival Rum Bahamas releases the results from their 2nd annual tasting competition. Click here for the winners.

What’s in a name? Now that Bacardi owns the trademark for “Havana Club Rum” in the US, what will the real Havana Club call their popular brand when it is eventually released in America? CCTV has the story.