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Bacardi Goes Green

Bravo to Bacardi UK for scoring the coveted Carbon Trust Standard certification for their ongoing commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.


Bacadi has announced that its United Kingdom operations have been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard after taking action to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint by nearly 13 percent over three years. The collective amount of savings totals more than 4,400 tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions from taking 1,128 UK cars off the road per year. The global operations of Bacardi reduced carbon emissions by nearly 18 percent during the same time period.

The UK operations of Bacardi, which include Bacardi Martini Limited and all operations of John Dewar & Sons Limited, remain committed to minimizing the emissions of gases that are believed to contribute to the “greenhouse” layer around the earth.

The Carbon Trust Standard is a mark of excellence that recognizes companies for actionable carbon reduction. Based on a rigorous, independent assessment, it certifies that organizations have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions across their own operations and are committed to reduce them year over year. Companies have to reapply every two years to stay Carbon Trust Standard certified.

“Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard in the UK further demonstrates how seriously we take our environmental responsibilities, and underlines the effectiveness of our rigorous efforts to reduce carbon emissions on both a regional and global scale. This shows we are at the forefront when it comes to carbon management best practices,” said Jon Grey, senior vice president of Global Operations with Bacardi. “This certification reinforces our commitment to be a leader in corporate responsibilities in the spirits industry and showcases our environmental credentials. Bacardi is in constant pursuit of greater benefits for our consumers, customers, employees and the environment and we continually look for ways to build trust in our brands.”

Carbon Trust Standard General Manager Harry Morrison added, “We congratulate Bacardi’s UK operations on their achievement of the Carbon Trust Standard. Today, being a good carbon citizen isn’t just about looking good on paper. Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard gives Bacardi the true emissions data they need to build the appropriate carbon reduction strategies and set the right path in the UK.”

Initiatives which helped improve carbon efficiencies at the Bacardi offices and facilities in the UK included:

  • Created the “kill-a-watt” toolkit, a proprietary and Bacardi-customized energy savings six-step program, to provide sites and offices with the skills and ideas to measure energy usage, share best practices to reduce energy consumption and find ways to save energy
  • Utilized a system to recycle heat within the distillation process more efficiently that reduces the energy input required and the amount of natural gas burned per unit of output at the Royal Brackla and Aberfeldy whisky distilleries in Scotland
  • Modified stillhouse operational procedures and installed a high efficiency boiler at the Macduff Whisky Distillery in Scotland
  • Executed employee awareness campaigns on the importance of saving energy in all of the John Dewar & Sons whisky manufacturing sites
  • Added four hybrid petrol/electric cars to the vehicle fleet at the Bacardi Martini Limited site in Winchester