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Bacardi Most Awarded

With more than 550 awards in 150 years, Bacardi is recognized for innovations in quality and taste winning awards alongside other game-changing inventions.


This year, while Bacardi is celebrating its 150th anniversary, it’s also marking another milestone: Bacardi rum is the world’s most awarded spirit, having garnered more than 550 awards, accolades and recognitions from around the world.

At the 1876 Centennial Exhibition of the World’s Fair in Philadelphia, Bacardi rum was recognized as an innovation that revolutionized the world and honored alongside other game-changing inventions including the Corliss Steam Engine, Remington’s typewriter, Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone, and the precursor to electric light.

The medal earned at the Centennial Exhibition would be the first of several World’s Fair Gold Medals and awards that Bacardi rum would win. During its 150th year, the portfolio surpassed 550 awards for quality, taste and innovation, making it the most awarded rum in the world–and the most awarded spirit of all time.

Those awards are the results of Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso’s desire to pioneer transformative innovations that set standards for rum production and revolutionized the spirits industry. Spending more than a decade experimenting with production techniques–such as using a single strain of yeast to deliver consistency, purposefully mellowing and filtrating using charcoal–It is said that Don Facundo created the world’s first smooth, light-bodied, mixable rum.

“The sheer number of awards Bacardi rum has won shouldn’t be surprising in the least,” said F. Paul Pacult, noted spirits writer/author and editor of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal. “What Don Facundo Bacardi did 150 years ago was visionary and unprecedented for the rum industry, transforming it overnight into what we enjoy today.”

With more than 550 awards, the Bacardi portfolio includes–but not limited to–recognition by such esteemed competitions as Monde Selection, the top international spirits competition; San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the world’s biggest national spirits competition; International Wine and Spirit Competition, the premier competition of its kind on the international stage; as well as World Spirit Awards, considered by some industry insiders as the ‘World Championships’ of the international awards and the best and highest award by the industry.

“Make no mistake: these competitions aren’t in any way honorary,” said master mixologist Dale DeGroff, widely known throughout the spirits industry as ‘King Cocktail.’ “They are judged by only the most distinguished and discerning palates in the industry, those with decades of experience required to discern a quality spirit when they taste it. As the years go by, BACARDI continues to demonstrate its commitment to quality and great-taste through innovative products like Anejo, Limon and recently OakHeart.”

In 1888, Bacardi was appointed “Purveyors to the Royal Spanish Household” which inspired the slogan “The King of Rums, and the Rum of Kings” and granted permission to use the Spanish Coat of Arms on its label, a symbol still on each bottle. The eight medals on all Bacardi rum bottles serve as reminders to consumers of the entrepreneurial spirit of Bacardi, as well as continued focus on quality, taste and new ways to enjoy cocktails.