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Back to Grenada

It’s an exciting day!  We’re packing up Rum Connection Headquarters and moving to beautiful Grenada!


It’s true, Grenada put a bit of a spell on me during my first visit in October.  I was there to tour the island’s rum distilleries and attend the 3rd annual Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival.  We had an unbelievably fun week.  The beauty of this little island is unmatched and Grenadians are among the friendliest people of anywhere I’ve been.  A return trip was in the works before I ever left.

A month or so went by when (during a tasting session at the Rum Bar) I decided that Grenada would make a wonderful place to spend the winter.  Its southern Caribbean location makes an excellent hub for regional rum research and that is exactly what I intend to do…..not forever, just until May.

So stay tuned.  We’re heading south and plan to take you along for the ride.