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Bar Playa – Sayulita, Mexico

Researching rum is hard work, but Rum Connection is dedicated to you, our readers.  This time around our studies bring us to Bar Playa in Sayulita, Mexico.


Mexican Beach Bar Analysis
by Mike Streeter


Sayulita is a small fishing village on the central-Pacific coast of Mexico.  It’s only about thirty miles north of Puerto Vallarta, but its “no shoes required” vibe makes it feel a million miles away from city life.  PERFECT!

There are big waves here and the town and beaches are usually filled with surfers.  Local businesses cater to sun-loving locals and tourists alike as the day usually unfolds around seaside activities.

The bar scene is laid back and easily covered in an afternoon or two.  As a newly established tourist destination, Sayulita has the required number of loud clubs serving up tequila shots and fish tacos, but most of the scene here is lighthearted and relaxed.  Of all the cool little spots in this sleepy town, Bar Playa is by far the best around……perhaps the best beach bar EV-ER!

Bar Playa sits thirty feet or so off the Pacific Ocean on a beach just north of Sayulita town, right in front of one of the more impressive area surf breaks.  The entire place is put together with palm fronds, wooden beams, blue tarps and an array of busted surf boards and other junk that washed up from the sea.  The energy is super casual with most patrons sporting nothing but swim trunks and sun screen.  The deep bass of reggae music is constant and only occasionally drowned out by the roar of crashing waves.

Pacifico Cerveza is the drink of choice, but they also have a nice collection of spirits.  As for rum, the entire Havana Club line was represented along with Appleton VX, 12 year and a few other mixing rums.  An array of tropical drinks were being served at a rapid pace as patrons settled in for an afternoon drinking session.  A mound of potent cocktails were gulped down by our crew, smiles and laughter ensued and the hours just slipped by.  Life is good!

There are no TVs here, no video games, no VIP room or Twitter or over priced drinks.  Just sunshine, good vibes and friends.  If you like beaches, reggae, rum and good surf, you’ve got to check this place out.


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