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Bars with Big Kahuna – 2

Still thirsty?  Here’s the second installment of Bars with Big Kahuna.  This time around he brings us from Key West back to his home turf of Colorado.  Enjoy.


Since you’re already in Key West, you might as well hit up the folks at Captain Tony’s.

Again, not a beach bar, but as historically significant as any place you’ll ever have a drink. They make a mean drink that will have you thinking you’re at the beach in no time, so no worries!

Playing host to writers, actors, musicians and story tellers of every ilk, Captain Tony’s is a real CAN’T MISS in Key West! You can drink with the spirit of Ernest Hemingway who practically made his home here. And don’t be surprised if you think you see a ghost or two after you’ve had a Pirate’s Punch. The tree in the middle of the bar served as the towns gallows for years.

Jimmy Buffett played the bar early in his career, and even scratched the words of “Last Mango in Paris” on the men’s room wall, which remains there to this day.

Should you find yourself a bit farther north in Florida, say the Clearwater Beach area, Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill will satisfy your every need.

Beach side with dining in the sand or inside, Frenchy’s serves up the original grouper sandwich and ice cold Red Stripe to keep you going in the hot Florida sun. But when that sun does go down the place transforms into a rocking good time with live music, frozen cocktails and plenty of dancing.

With all of these wonderful choices near the water and on islands, what is a Pirate to do in Colorado? Simple. Just consider it Dry Dock.

Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora has long been a favorite place for me to hide from the dry Colorado climate and enjoy a few of their masterfully brewed craft beers.

Opening in 2005 in little more than a closet at the back of a homebrew store, Dry Dock moved into much larger and nicer building next door in 2009!

With award winning brews like the “Topsail Tripel,” “Breakwater Pale” and “HMS Victory” it’s quite easy to forget the hustle and bustle of the Denver skyline just a few miles away. Their decidedly nautical theme and a tap house environment that screams “ocean” from the minute you walk through the door, definitely qualifies Dry Dock Brewing as THE place in Colorado to take you away to the salty shores of somewhere beautiful!


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