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Bayou Rum Launch

Bayou Rum announces a big distribution deal and is set for a Louisiana release this summer.


Louisiana Spirits proudly announces Bayou Rum as the brand name of their soon to be released rum made from Louisiana sugar cane. They also report that Republic National will be their exclusive distribution partner for Louisiana.

“Louisiana was known as ‘The Bayou State’ while growing up on Contraband Bayou. Good memories inspired us to celebrate our state by naming our product Bayou Rum. When we tested the name in Louisiana and around the USA it got great reviews. Consumers chose Bayou Rum because it is easy to say, easy to remember, and easy to imagine what we’re about: living life to its fullest and having some fun along the way. We’re really excited about Bayou Rum and we look forward to the ‘inaugural toast’ with the citizens of Louisiana!” said Trey Litel, President of Louisiana Spirits.

Soon you can taste the Spirit of Louisiana with Bayou Rum.  The Louisiana Spirits craft distillery is perfecting the first two Bayou Rum expressions. Silver Bayou Rum is handcrafted in a traditional pot still using 100% natural Louisiana cane sugar & molasses. Taste the smooth and subtle character of Silver Bayou Rum over ice or in your favorite rum cocktail. Spiced Bayou Rum is also handcrafted in a traditional pot still for full flavor and then blended with delicious natural Louisiana ingredients – it’s sure to spice up your favorite cocktail! Both varieties are expected to be available at the distillery and throughout the state by early June.

“We’re creating great tasting rums and we’re proud to be part of the internationally renowned Cajun culinary culture. For us, it all starts with local ingredients. We’ve found the fresh raw materials to be a big differentiator in terms of taste. Louisiana molasses and the raw unrefined Louisiana sugar crystals we use, along with our historic “sugar house” recipe, have helped us to create more flavorful rums for sipping that’ll mix exceptionally well for cocktails too. We can’t wait for rum drinkers to experience Bayou Rum,” said Jeff Murphy, Head Distiller at Louisiana Spirits.

Very little rum is produced domestically. With Bayou Rum, Louisiana Spirits is recapturing the state’s historic role as a sugar cane rum producer. Louisiana is the second largest producer of sugar cane in the United States. Louisiana Spirits is positioned to add value to the state’s harvest by utilizing sugar cane as its primary ingredient, and investing in an appealing cultural visitor destination. The company is initially creating 15 to 20 direct full-time jobs and additional economic opportunities for Louisiana farmers, contractors, partners, and suppliers.

USA Craft distilling and the Rum category are growing. “We see a huge potential for Bayou Rum’s success because consumers want authentic local brands. We’re excited to tell our quality story in Louisiana and beyond!” Litel added.