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Bars with Big Kahuna

Confessions of a landlocked rummy… Hold on as our Colorado-based friend Big Kahuna takes us to some of his favorite watering holes.  Enjoy!


With a cold rum drink in my hand, a beautiful lady by my side and the ocean lapping at my toes, I have to wonder if life gets any better than this! My mind drifts away to beach bars and places I’ve been and places I want to see.

Palm trees on the beach, swaying in the breeze are my favorite thing to watch on a Saturday afternoon, but gulls dive-bombing  schools of fish just off shore takes a close second. And any time I can check them both out over the top of my fresh drink… all the better! That’s why I love Beach Bars like I love life itself!

I don’t get to hang out in the salty air nearly as much as I would like, but my time inland simply serves to make those occasions by the sea all that much more special.

Most recently I had the pleasure of spending a few days frequenting Iggies Beach Bar at the Bolongo Bay Resort in St. Thomas, USVI.

When tempted by a bar like Iggies, with great food, strong drinks and an attentive waitstaff and bartenders, you may be inspired to waste the day away sipping on rum and local beers.

The ocean is so close you can hear the gentle waves of the Caribbean sea lapping at the shore beaconing you to take a quick swim during the heat of the day.

Off in the distance you can see the island of St. Croix where the rum you are sipping was lovingly made, and a glance the other direction you can see the full lineup of Cruzan rum lining the south end of the bar. This would seem like paradise any day of the week, but it does get better.

While we were visiting, I had the pleasure of attending a rum tasting event put on by Cruzan Rums where a representative poured the full line of Cruzan and gave a great history lesson as well. We also took advantage of the opportunity to step behind the bar and learn the secrets of the illusive Voodoo Juice. A tasty concoction of five different Cruzan Rums, pineapple and cranberry juices served in a bucket! That’s right… A BUCKET!

And that’s not the only bar on the property! The “Pool Bar” at Bolongo bay also makes the Voodoo Juice, and features convenient swim-up access.

Traveling a few hundred miles North-West of St. Thomas will land you back in the United States on the tiny island of Key West! Trying to describe Key West to someone that has never seen it is like trying to describe the sunset to someone that only sees Black and White. The shape and size are easy, but the color is impossible to put into words.

I believe things are best when enjoyed close to their origin. Seafood is best by the sea, steak is best near the prairie and boat drinks are best near boats.

In Key West, one of my dead favorite places to relax with a cool boat drink is the Schooner Wharf.

This gem is hard to miss as it is the last thing you’ll come to on William Street before you fall in the water!

As you might suspect, Schooner Wharf isn’t a “Beach Bar” per-se, but it’s nautical theme, reasonable drinks and location on the water front is more than enough of a pedigree for me.

Depending on the mood of the afternoon or evening, you could be relaxing with a Schooner Vice, a concoction of half Pina Colada, half Strawberry Daiquiri, while watching the boats docked just yards from the bar rock gently in the water.  Or you could order up a Kalik and a dozen Fresh Gulf Oysters, but again, the boats are right there!

As the evening progresses, a glass of Mount Gay with ice and a slice will set the perfect mood to watch the boats…. um, there’s actually this reoccurring thing with the boats… if you don’t like boats perhaps this isn’t the place for you!

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Kahuna’s favorite bars. Cheers! 

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