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Black Mask Rum Launch

International Beverage has announced the launch of BlackMask Spiced Pacific Rum to the US market.


imageInternational Beverage USA announced the launch of BlackMask Spiced Pacific Rum to the U.S. market with initial release in Southern California. BlackMask is crafted with oak-aged premium rums blended with Pacific Island spices and natural flavors.

This uniquely spiced rum is brought to life by the mysteriously exotic BlackMask Medicine Man who is highlighted on the product label. As the story goes, BlackMask was possessed by the distilled concoction that he created from spices and native plants to heal returning wounded warriors. Along with this restorative spirit, he also crafted enchanted masks for the men to wear back into battle.

The rum is golden amber in color with intense vanilla top notes, rich tones of cinnamon and nutmeg on the tongue and a smooth smoky toffee finish. The original spiced rum will be joined by three flavor extensions – Island Coconut, Tropical Chai and Black Premo. Mixed, punched, frozen or on the rocks, Black Mask delivers a premium rum experience that always finishes smooth and ready for more.

“Spiced rum is a hot category right now, making BlackMask an exciting addition to our U.S. portfolio. It’s also the first rum brand to have a Chai offering, which is a flavor consumers demand,” said Patrick Graney, President of International Beverage USA. “We think it will resonate with the target market as a fun brand with a big personality and a bit of adventure.”

Black Mask will be available at specialty retailers in Southern California such as Hi-Time Wine Cellars, Emilio’s Beverage Warehouse and Total Wine & More for a suggested retail price of $13.99 beginning July 1, 2013. For more information about the legend of BlackMask visit