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Boat Drinks

Craft cocktails dominate in chic bars around the world, but in the lower latitudes we still appreciate the simple things in life, including uncomplicated drinks.


Boat Drinks w/ Bahama Bob

Whether you call them boat drinks, beach drinks or umbrella drinks, there’s something to be said for three-ingredient tropical cocktails.  These are concoctions that go down easily on a sunny afternoon lounging by the pool or while hanging out at your local beach bar.  They usually contain a generous measure of rum, a mix of fruit juices and a garnish.

Songs have been written about such cocktails and vacations purposely booked in locations where they’re readily available.  Bars have become legendary by creating their own signature boat drink and, as a result, attract patrons from all over the world.  These mixtures are deeply woven into the fabric of Caribbean culture and every island seems to have its own recipe and method for building that perfect cocktail.

Our buddy, Bahama Bob, mans the day shift at the Rum Bar in Key West, Florida and has mastered the art of boat drink mixing.  His daily specials run the gamut from Painkillers and Rum Punches to Hurricanes and Cuba Libres.  Occasionally he’ll whip up something completely original to the delight of parched tourists.  All of his drinks are tasty, intoxicating and have earned him a legion of loyal fans, so we’ve decided to feature a series of them right here on Rum Connection!!

Here’s Bahama Bob putting together a Coco Loco.  It’s uncomplicated, tropical and one of our favorites.

If you have a favorite boat drink, send it our way.  We’d love to hear from you.