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Love for Bomba Shack

The world famous Bomba Shack in the British Virgin Islands has been named one of the Top 10 Beach Bars in the World by AOL Travel.  Bravo!!


Bomba Shack Among Top Beach Bars

When it came time for AOL Travel to choose the World’s Top Beach Bars they looked at location, view, character and popularity.  In the end, we were a bit surprised by their list.  We expected a group of laid back, anything goes, rum soaked, dilapidated dive bars like the ones so common throughout the beaches of the Caribbean.  But most of their list was made up of places that are really nice, really upscale and…….boring.  They did, however, get one of their selections very, very right – BOMBA SHACK!!

This is the one bar on the AOL list that keeps the tradition of ramshackle Caribbean beach bars going.  Bomba, the bar’s owner, builder and resident bartender, started construction on the shores of Capoons Bay in Tortola in the mid-1970’s. It is literally built out of wood, metal and other junk that washes up out of the sea, and expansion seems to occur after every major storm when salvage material is easy to find.  35 years after construction began, Bomba Shack has become a wonderful expanse of little rooms, plywood bars and shady spots to sit back and relax with friends.

Sarah Rose, Travel Editor at AOL describes it as “only a shanty of a bar, but solidly full of funk, Bomba’s corrugated iron and driftwood walls are hand-painted with slogans preaching peace and good vibrations. Fronting the teal waters of Tortola’s Capoons Bay, this surf shack host the best full moon party in the Caribbean.”  She couldn’t be more correct.  Bomba Shack is world famous for Full Moon Parties, loud music, stiff rum drinks, mushroom tea and its bizarre architecture. It’s popular with locals, tourists and any adventurous soul looking to have fun. People come from near and far for the monthly Full Moon events when hundreds party into the wee hours.

The BVI Tourism Board has enthusiastically endorsed Bomba’s place on the AOL Travel Beach Bar list, reiterating how powerful and unique the British Virgin Islands brand really is. “The BVI has much to be proud of.  Our product and the stories behind our product are unique. Bomba Shack is just one of the many of Natures Little Secrets, and at the BVI Tourism Board, we are proud to be the messengers for this amazing brand,” said Hadassah Ward, Director of Tourism.

So if you’re looking for an offbeat place with a perfect view, good drinks and plenty of personality, head on down to Bomba Shack.  Tell them hello from the Rum Connection crew.  We think we were there once for a Full Moon Party, but it’s all a little fuzzy now.


Thanks to the BVI Tourism Board and BVI Pirate for the wonderful photos.