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Books: Explore Rum

The publishers of the Explore Drinks book series have just released Explore Rum, their most interesting piece yet!


imageThe Explore Drinks series is now entering the world of rum. They’ve told stories across the worlds of whisky and cocktails; now it’s time to tackle a spirit so diverse in culture, taste and flavour, you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

The consumer’s thirst for spirits knowledge appears insatiable, but do we often overestimate how much the consumer actually knows? Explore Rum takes the reader on a nation-wide journey and beyond, telling the stories of place, provenance and pedigree of some of our most beloved rum brands alongside those that have yet to be uncovered.

Explore Rum brings to life the great characters, distilleries and brands in history that make up a global rum industry, responsible for the spirit we take such pleasure in today. It is one that you absolutely cannot miss.

Pick up a copy at the Explore Drinks website.