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Books: Liquid Vacation

Go on a Liquid Vacation with 77 tropical drink recipes from the one and only Frankie’s Tiki Room.


imageWe all need a break now and then, whether it’s from the stress of everyday life or the boredom that comes with routine. You’ll find it in Liquid Vacation, a colorful, sometimes wild walk through the tiki culture in Las Vegas, from the early days of the Stardust Hotel to the present as it’s embodied by Frankie’s Tiki Room, just minutes from the famous Strip.

Liquid Vacation author P Moss, a dedicated student of tiki culture, walks readers through the swaying palms, whispering bamboo and rustling grass skirts of the tiki world from Aku Aku and Don The Beachcomber to Frankie’s.

Liquid Vacation is enhanced with original tiki drink recipes by Chris Andrasfay, co-founder of Frankie’s Tiki Room, and bartenders Allison Hartling and Mike Richardson.

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