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Books: Tiki Drinks

Originally published over 10 years ago, Tiki Drinks by Adam Rocke remains one of the top cocktail books on the market.


Light the torches and grab the tiny paper umbrellas – the handbook of delicious tiki beverages is here. In Tiki Drinks, former bartender Adam Rocke selects his favorite tropical libations. The effect of “tiki” or “boat” drinks, says the author, is to evoke the sensation of being marooned on a tropical island with a bevy of insignificant others eager to do your bidding.

50 of the best tropical drink recipes include pina coladas, daiquiris, tropical punches, margaritas, freezes, coolers, and other classics that will conjure island breezes and rolling waves. Lesser-known but equally transporting drinks include such creative variations as the Pirate’s Cove, Buccaneer, Zombie, Frozen Mudslide, and Bahama Mama.

In addition to serving up liquid exotica, Rocke offers tips on mixers, glasses, and serving techniques – all necessary accoutrements of the pro or amateur bartender who wants to keep the natives restless.

As an added feature, the entire book is illustrated by world famous tiki artist, Shag!

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