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The Art of Brugal 1888

Brugal combines the perfect balance of ‘time, passion and experience’ to create 1888, one of the best rums to hit the market this year.  Here’s more.


The expertise and rum-crafting skills of the Brugal family have been passed down through generations of Maestros Roneros, Rum Masters, who worked for years, under the strictest secrecy, to produce an exceptional liquid: Brugal 1888.  In Brugal 1888, both experience and tradition in making the best rums have been exquisitely combined to match the sophisticated tastes of current consumers.  The result is a unique rum, with a contemporary style and a great personality. Undoubtedly, a world class rum.

Brugal 1888 is the perfect blend of time, passion and experience of five generations of Maestros Roneros. Its artisanal crafting commences with a double distillation, followed by a careful selection of the best rums that undergo a double aging process.  During the initial stages, it is vital for these rums to be aged in medium roasted American white oak casks (quercus alba), and subsequently to continue the aging process in European oak casks (quercus robur) that have previously been used for aging Sherry wines.

The wooden casks are a key element in differentiating Brugal 1888 from other rums as they are either hand-crafted or hand-picked under the guidance of George Espie, The Macallan Master of Wood.  

Another of the keys to the unique nature of Brugal 1888 is the specific arrangement of the casks where the rums are aged, a technique used exclusively in making 1888.  In this case, the casks are placed horizontally during the aging process, so that the liquid is in permanent contact with the wood, ensuring that the rum takes on highly specific characteristics of color, aroma and taste. Brugal & Co. has a cellar exclusively designed for housing casks placed horizontally, grouped together into batches of 68 units, giving a maximum of 14,000 bottles.  

Brugal has made premium quality rums since 1888 when it was founded by Don Andres Brugal in the Dominican Republic.  His vision and experience has been passed on through five generations of the Brugal family, whose members have become part of a saga of expert artisans in the production of the finest rum, generation after generation. In fact, the Maestros Roneros are not only members of the Brugal Family legacy but also personal guardians of the entire rum making process. The Meastroa Roneros painstakingly care for each and every stage of rum production before bestowing their personal seal of approval upon the final and exquisite results. 

Today, Brugal Rum is the #3 rum in the world in terms of volume.  Its strong presence in the industrial development of the Dominican Republic, covering a widely diversified, dynamic, and consolidated range, is unmatched and is currently one of the most emblematic brands of its geographical surroundings.  

Brugal 1888 Facts

  • Aged: Master blending of only the finest rums aged 5-14 years. Aged in medium toasted American white oak casks followed by a second maturation in first-filled Sherry oak casks.
  • Flavor palate:  Smooth, full bodied, with a notable finish of toffee caramel, wood and licorice.  Leaves a sweet, lingering and sublime aftertaste which denotes perfection.
  • Nose:  An exquisite scented bouquet.  Some spicy notes, hints of chocolate, roasted coffee beans and hints of cinnamon and dried fruits.
  • Color:  In the light, it stands out for its dark amber, bright, clean color.
  • Suggested serving:  A complex rum, with vibrant nuances, to be sipped on its own, with ice or in the most surprising cocktails.
  • Pricing: $49.99