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Brugal Especial Extra Dry

Brugal rolls out a cask-aged luxury white rum that is unlike anything else on the market.  Especial Extra Dry puts an interesting twist on classic cocktails.


A cask-aged white rum that lives up to the dry Brugal house style, Brugal Extra Dry begs one to rethink their perception not only of white rum, but of rum in general. Brugal’s proprietary double-distillation technique creates a dry and clean spirit with fewer of the heavy alcohols that lend other rums their sweeter profiles.  This blend of rums – aged a minimum of two years up to five years in White American Oak casks – is triple charcoal filtered to achieve exquisite clarity and conjures a velvety mouthfeel as a result of an exceptional aging process.

Brugal Extra Dry’s one-of-a-kind dry character mixes for better, more balanced cocktails and can actually be enjoyed on the rocks.

Available in select markets across the U.S., Brugal Extra Dry Rum preserves the tradition, authenticity and quality for which Brugal is famous.  Its dry style is preferred by those who want to experience a different kind of rum, and by bartenders and mixologists as the perfect balance to the sweet mixers often paired with rum.

ABV: 40% alc./vol.


The production of Brugal Rum starts with harvest of local 100% Dominican sugarcane crops that are cut by hand and then milled to produce molasses.

Upon arrival at the distillery, the molasses is combined with purified water and a proprietary yeast to initiate fermentation.  The fermented liquid, or wine, then goes through a double-distillation process that removes many of the heavy alcohols that give most other rums their characteristic sweetness.

The result is a cleaner, drier spirit.  The aging process takes place in the shadow of the mountains of Puerto Plata, where an inventory of over a quarter million select White American oak casks does its magic.  The portion of spirit lost to evaporation over time – called the “Angel’s Share” – is greater in the year-round heat and humidity of the Dominican Republic (9-12%) than, say, the climate of Scotland (2-4%).  The smoothness and character imparted by the wood takes place at a much faster rate here.

When the rum reaches maturity, the Brugal family’s Maestros Roneros, or “Rum Masters,” then select rums of varying ages to create the different blends that become each of the expressions in Brugal’s portfolio.

Following the blending process, the rums are married with purified artesian water during a resting period that heightens their smoothness. Every blending must be approved by a Maestro Ronero before bottling. After bottling, Brugal’s iconic nets are applied to each bottle by hand, on average, one every eight seconds.


In the mid-19th century, Andrés Brugal Montaner – a Spanish citizen from Sitges who had emigrated to Santiago de Cuba – moved to the Dominican Republic and settled in Puerto Plata, where in 1888 he founded the company that carries his name: Brugal & Co.

Don Andrés’ expertise and rum-crafting skills were passed down through each successive generation of the Brugal family.

Currently, Brugal is run by the family’s fourth and fifth generation of Maestros Roneros. They are expert artisans who continue the tradition started in 1888 as personal guardians of the entire rum-making process. The Maestros Roneros painstakingly care for each and every stage of rum production before bestowing their personal seal of approval upon the final rums produced.

With an unexpectedly dry house style, Brugal rums stay true to the vision of founder Don Andres Brugal: to produce a rum of the finest quality by his own rules. In this pursuit, he created a distinctive rum unlike any other.