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Bundy Turns 125

The Bundaberg Rum Company celebrates their 125th anniversary with a new limited edition premium rum.


imageBundaberg will satisfy their legion of loyal collectors with another limited edition bottling later this month. This time they are celebrating an impressive milestone, the 125th anniversary of the company’s founding.

The launch of Bundaberg 125th Anniversary Rum is said to represent the pinnacle of all the company has achieved in 125 years and celebrates the distillery’s long-spanning history of “expert craftsmanship, ingenious thinking, determination and collaboration.”

This limited edition offering will consist of a restricted fill-run of only 1888 numbered bottles in a nod to the company’s birth date in 1888.

The initial offering of Bundy’s 125th Anniversary Rum will be from their company store in Queensland, Australia followed by a wider release on the distillery’s birthday, November 22nd.

“As Australia’s favourite rum brand, we want to mark this momentous milestone by giving back to all of the people who have helped take Bundaberg Rum to where it is today,” marketing manager at Bundaberg Rum, Andrew Oughton, said. “Through BDC 125th Anniversary Rum, we hope to offer Bundy enthusiasts an exceptional liquid, fit to parallel the exceptional passion and loyalty we’ve seen from our customers over the past 125 years.”

The Bundaberg 125th Anniversary Rum contains a unique blend of the brand’s oldest and rarest rums up to 35 years old. It is layered with delicate hints of honey, caramel, spice and has a long, smooth finish. It will be available in two sizes, 700ml and 125ml, from November 23rd.

The 700ml edition features a crystal decanter, two stunning crystal tumblers and a handcrafted walnut wooden casing, while the 125mL bottle is set in a striking cherry wood frame.

The 700ml bottle will be available first from the company store and then selected retailers for $1,250. The 125mL bottle will be available from the company store for $125. 3000 125ml bottles will be produced.