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Bunn’s Musical Taxi

A designated driver is always in order during a good bar hopping session, even in the BVIs.  If you’re lucky you’ll get a ride from Bunn, the musical cab driver.


So, I was spending a lazy afternoon with some drinking buddies at Foxy’s Bar on Jost Van Dyke when I had the urge to indulge in a few Painkillers from the the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar.  It’s only a mile and a half away, a journey that I would normally walk or bike back home in Key West, but Jost Van Dyke is a steep volcanic island.  The road leaves the little town of Great Harbour, goes straight up a hill to one of the highest points on the island and then quickly descends the other side through a series of switchbacks and narrow hairpin turns before you arrive at White Bay.  Not a journey you should make without assistance during the heat of the day with a belly full of rum.

Well, our Rum & Coke session at Foxy’s had us all in a very happy mood and a designated driver was in order.  Fortunately, there was a taxi waiting right out front.  As we approached this colorfully painted safari cab, the sounds of breezy island music played from the amped-up on board stereo system and was being backed up on percussion by the cab driver.  As it turns out we were about to get a ride from one of the most popular drivers in all of the BVIs, a musical cabbie named Bunn.  He doesn’t play a drum, cowbell or even spoons.  Bunn’s claim to fame is his ability to compliment just about any song on a metal triangle.  Check this out.