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Busted Barrel Rum Launch

Following years of planning, Jersey Artisan Distilling launches their first product, Busted Barrel Silver Rum.


imageJersey Artisan Distilling, New Jersey’s first licensed distillery to open since the repeal of prohibition, has announced their first line of hand-crafted premium spirits with the release of Busted Barrel Silver Rum.

Located in Fairfield, NJ, Jersey Artisan Distilling is focused on making classically refined hand crafted spirits that require the passion and attention to detail that has been lost in the mass produced “big liquor” marketplace. Busted Barrel Silver is created using all-natural, domestically grown ingredients including the finest molasses from Louisiana. Every drop of Busted Barrel Silver has been distilled in custom made small batch copper stills and has passed through a carbon filter to provide a refreshingly smooth taste unlike many “made for mixing” silver rums.

“With the introduction of our line of Busted Barrel Silver Rum, it is our goal to bring back that simple and casual enjoyment of liquor consumption to all consumers as well as to the state of New Jersey,” said Krista Haley, co-founder and COO of Jersey Artisan Distilling. “Busted Barrel is something that people can not only enjoy on the rocks or in a cocktail, but also feel proud purchasing, knowing that they are supporting local businesses and their growth.”

For more information on Jersey Artisan Distilling, its products and launch dates including announcements on its Busted Barrel® Dark Rum coming October 2013, like them on Facebook at or visit