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Captain Morgan’s Media

Captain Henry Morgan’s historic real-life adventures inspire a new action-packed rum brand ad trilogy.


Few dare to look uncertainty straight in the eyes without blinking, or set sail for a destination that’s open-ended; however, one need only look to the famed 17(th) century privateer, Captain Henry Morgan, for inspiration to live adventurously. This inspiration comes to life today as the CAPTAIN MORGAN Rum brand announced the world premiere of “Perfect Getaway” – the first episode of the spiced rum brand’s new ad Trilogy that introduces viewers to the depths of Morgan’s world and his adventures aboard his flagship, The Satisfaction.

Set in 1668 Port Royal, Jamaica, “Perfect Getaway” opens with Captain Henry Morgan atop a ladder set against a battery wall. With paintbrush in hand, Morgan implements his strategy to rescue one of his crew members held captive by his nemesis, Don Alonzo. Little do viewers know that this prisoner is worth more than meets the eye.

Creating a world based on the historical accounts of the real-life Captain Henry Morgan is no small task, which is why the CAPTAIN MORGAN brand worked with Academy Award-nominated director Todd Field to produce the three-part commercial series.

“It’s kind of amazing how many people are unaware that Morgan’s legacy existed long before he appeared on the label of a bottle,” said three-time Academy Award-nominated writer/director Todd Field. “The job of everyone on our team was to bring Morgan’s adventurous spirit to life through this Trilogy – to try and paint as compelling a picture as possible of his world, and the people who might have really populated it at that time.”

Shot in an undisclosed exotic location, the magnitude of the project rivaled the work of many motion picture productions, from explosive special effects to constructing a replica of The Satisfaction to utilizing over 450 extras throughout the shoot. Nathan Crowley, Academy Award-nominated production designer for blockbusters including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises and John Carter, also joined the team to visually bring the world of Henry Morgan to life.

“Successfully capturing the look and feel of a 17(th) century Port Royal, Jamaica was integral to making this project visually impactful,” said Crowley. “Our team created a world that viewers can believe in and one that further characterizes Captain Henry Morgan himself.”

The next installment of its “To Life, Love and Loot” ad campaign, the CAPTAIN MORGAN brand continues to explore the depths and complexities of the man who has become synonymous with spiced rum, and emphasizes Captain Henry Morgan’s historic legacy through the new Trilogy episodes – each building on the one which precedes it.

Created by Anomaly Advertising, “Perfect Getaway” of the new Captain Morgan Trilogy series debuted Sunday during the new episode of AMC’s Walking Dead. The :30 and :60 second spots will continue to air in general rotation across sports and entertainment television broadcast affiliates, including ESPN, ESPN DEPORTES and TBS, with the remaining two episodes, “Cave” and “Fire Ship,” premiering later in 2013. In addition, each episode will be viewable on the brand’s YouTube channel ( and Facebook page (