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Carib Rum Fest Expands

Exciting news! The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is on its way to Boston in 2015.


imageThe popular Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is exporting a form of its annual beverage event to Boston. In a move guaranteed to benefit regional rum and beer producers, the festival organisers, Azure Management Services Inc. of Barbados, have been invited to bring their unique mix of Caribbean beverages and culture to Boston’s World Trade & Heritage Expo scheduled for July 2015.

Festival Director Ms. Cheryl Collymore explained, “Over the years we have received a number of invitations to host the festival outside of the Caribbean, including in locations such as Norway and Brazil. Our plan is to host the 5th Festival in the Caribbean during 14-15 November 2014 and then subsequently to turn our full attention to the Boston 2015 event.”

Azure Management Services Inc. is responsible for the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival. Operations Director Dr. Glyn Williams explained, “Our team has experience of hosting the Festival in Barbados and Grenada. We fully understand what it takes to be based in one country and successfully host the event overseas. This has put us in a fortunate position whereby we are capable of putting on the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in almost any location around the world, the possibilities are endless.”

The previous Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival was held in Grenada in 2013 in partnership with the Grenada Board of Tourism. The festival attracted over 1400 patrons from around the world during the 2 days of the event.

Tune into the event’s website for additional information.