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Island Culture Pt. 1

Our rummy exploits throughout the Caribbean have inspired us to launch a new segment on Rum Connection called Island Culture – here’s the first edition.


Belize Car Pool

On our quest to locate and absorb some of the world’s finest rums, we’ve traveled to wonderful places and met some really amazing people.  Along the way, however, some of our experiences have been just a little off-beat.  We’ve been able to document many of these happenings with photos and video and decided to share them with you by rolling out a new segment called Island Culture.  We hope you enjoy it.

Our first piece comes to us from the small beach town of San Pedro, Belize.  We’ve spent lots of time there over the years and have made some wonderful Belizean friend.  This is a clip of our buddy, Biggs.  After a day of exploring and bar-hopping, he makes a new friend who needs a lift back to town.  Problem was, his main mode of transportation is a two-wheeled beach cruiser making the possibility of carrying a passenger a bit difficult.  This did not deter him for long and he assumes the task with style and a smile.  We call this one Belize Car Pool.  Enjoy!