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New Product Alert!

We get a sneak preview of another new ultra-premium sipper from Costa Rica’s Ron Centenario.  This 25 year old solera rum is due out in April.  Read on…


Frequently spending lazy afternoons on my regular stool at the Rum Bar in Key West provides me with plenty of opportunities to sample rare and interesting rums.  This time around our friend George from International Wine and Spirits dropped by with a new super-premium rum from Costa Rica, Ron Centenario 25 Años Gran Reserve.  This high-grade sipper won’t be available in the US until April, but you should put it on your wish list now because it’s going to be a huge hit.  Like much of the Centenario line of rums, the 25 Años selection is rich, well-balanced, sweet and will be reasonably priced near $65.  Here’s more.

Category: Premium Aged Rum

Country of origin: Costa Rica

Alcohol content: 40%

Product Description: A sweet, rich and elegant 25 year old Costa Rican solera rum.  Gold medal winner at the Berlin Rum Festival.

Aroma: Tropical fruits, molasses, tobacco and oak.

Taste: Sweet and smooth.  Vanilla, sweet fruits, delicate notes of wood and citrus.

Mode of consumption:  Centenario 25 Años should be enjoyed neat or with an ice cube.

Selling rationale:  Centenario 25 is for the fine spirits enthusiast who seeks the highest quality rum on the market.  This rum provides full harmony of aromas and flavors that highlight the technique and skill level of the producer.

Presentation:  A heavy 750ml bottle with embossed brand name, wooden cork and transparent label that highlights the amber color of the rum inside.

US release date: April 2012