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Centenario 7 Años

Following a rebranding of the entire line, Costa Rican distiller Ron Centenario releases their latest drop to rave reviews from loyal fans of the brand.


Añejo Especial

Costa Rica is a bridge between the cultures of the Americas, a small piece of land surrounded by two oceans. Its huge biodiversity and tropical weather are one of a kind and a favorite among surfers and eco-tourists.

Like much of Central America and the Caribbean, rum is the traditional spirit of Costa Rica and is the preferred element in cocktails.  Locally made rum benefits from the sub-tropical climate and volcanic soil in the region.  It is ideal for the cultivation of sugar cane, and therefore the best crops are utilized for the production of their award winning rum: Centenario.

The well-balanced flavor of Centenario Añejo Especial 7 Años comes from the careful selection of used whisky barrels and precise blend of aged rums.  It is well known for its versatility and is the perfect rum for sipping and in premium cocktails. 

We’ve spent a few hours in the Rum Lab studying Centenario 7 and found that it is incredible in a long list of drinks.  We’ll be rolling out several of them right here over the next few weeks, but I still prefer to keep things uncomplicated and to the point.  2 ounces of Centenario 7 Años, 2 ounces of coconut water, ice and a squeeze of lime is just about perfect.

Centenario 7 Años retails for just 16.99, making it one of the best rums on the market in that price range.  If you want to get a taste of this fine Costa Rican rum, swing by the Rum Bar at 1117 Duval Street in Key West on November 4th.  We’ll have drink specials, door prizes and plenty of conversation about Centenario all afternoon.  Cheers!