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Inside Clarke’s Court

Taking some good friends on a rum tour of Grenada this week.  First stop, Clarke’s Court, makers of Old Grog and the brand new #37.


Our research of Grenadian rum distilleries continued once again with a scenic drive along the island’s south coastal roads to a beautiful area known as Woodlands Valley, home to the most famous of the local rum producers, Clarke’s Court.

The distillery has been making rum since 1937 but the property has housed a sugar factory since the late 18th century.  The amount of sugar cane grown on Grenada has dwindled over the years and sugar production is at an all time low.  Fortunately, high grade molasses is easily accessible in the region and is an inexpensive core ingredient in local rums.

Our tour of Clarke’s Court, like other distilleries on the island, was like walking back in time.  Antique tools and equipment filled the main distillery building and were still well maintained and fully functional.  Even an ancient steam engine which once powered certain parts of the distillery was cranked up for our visit.

The facility is currently in expansion mode.  A new 10,000 square foot building has been constructed and is being outfitted with a larger blending facility, bottling line, offices and storage.

Clarke’s Court products are distinct, often boasting sweet aromas and flavors of tropical fruits. Their Pure White Rum is a local favorite and is used as the high octane main ingredient in cocktails across the island.  Old Grog has long been their top of the line offering and has an unmistakable banana note that makes it a delightful sipping rum.  New to the lineup is #37, a really nice premium rum that pays homage to the founding of the company 75 years ago.

Beyond the expansion, there is more good news about Clarke’s Court. Their products continue to gain recognition and medals in spirits competitions around the world.  Old Grog can now be found at liquor shops in Florida and there’s talk of a special blend being created for a well known American music star.  Keep an eye out for Clarke’s products at a shop near you.  This is definitely a brand you want to get to know.