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The Cocktail Handbook

One of our favorite drink manuals, The Cocktail Handbook: Cool Drinks from Hawaii’s Hottest Bartenders is packed with craft cocktails with island style.


Cool Drinks from Hawaii

Nationally recognized Waikiki bartenders Jesse Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara—along with 20 other celebrity Island mixologists—share more than 80 great drink recipes, plus inside tips on bar etiquette and tools and techniques of the trade, in The Cocktail Handbook: Cool Drinks from Hawaii’s Hottest Bartenders.

From old classics made new to creative libations infused with Island flavors, The Cocktail Handbook serves as a tried-and-true guide to mastering the art of mixology. For the amateur home bartender and the seasoned cocktail aficionado alike, this compilation offers new recipes to try out and inventive ingredient lists to inspire original creations.

Contributors to The Cocktail Handbook boast more than 250 years of experience between them and have won numerous awards in bartending competitions. Some of the concoctions shared in the Handbook are featured at bars and restaurants throughout the Islands, and others are secret off-the-menu potions made only by their originators—until now.

Authors Jesse Greenleaf and Amie Fujiwara make their current behind-the-bar home at Duke’s Waikiki. Greenleaf has earned multiple awards for his innovative creations, has appeared on the Food Network and Travel Channel and was featured on the drinks-focused travelogue show Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey. Fujiwara is also an award-winning cocktail creator and was voted one of Hawaii’s Hottest Bartenders by Forbes Travel Guide.

The Cocktail Handbook: Cool Drinks from Hawaii’s Hottest Bartenders is available at bookstores, and