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Coffee Rum from Deco

Portland, OR seems to be a hot spot for craft cocktails and spirits these days, so it’s no surprise that a local micro distillery is making super-interesting rums.


We received a bottle of Deco Distillery’s Coffee Rum last week from a friend who hails from Portland, Oregon.  To be completely honest, we’re not necessarily partial to rums of the flavored variety, but this one is definitely worth a try.  Stay tuned for a full review and more about Deco Distilling, but in the meantime here’s the skinny on Coffee Rum.


Deco Distilling Releases Coffee Rum

Portland’s craft distilling movement strikes again with the launch of Deco Distilling’s Coffee Rum. The strong coffee flavored rum landed on area shelves in May and is already drenching the Northwest in caffeinated splendor. Deco’s master distillers, Lenny Gotter and Bill Adams have created a combination of quality molasses rum, locally roasted coffee and other secret ingredients to form a delectable and delicious spirit that could only come out of Portland.

In a city well known for its craft distilleries and coffee shops, what better way to combine two of the city’s best features than to craft a coffee flavored spirit? The melding between the dark, strong coffee and the smooth, quality rum is bound to delight the senses and provide the right amount of cocktail and caffeine. In fact, Deco Coffee Rum has so much rich, coffee taste and complex flavors that it won the Silver Medal at the 2011 World Spirits Competition recently held in San Francisco. Coffee Rum is the perfect ingredient for a Sunday morning brunch libation or a bold pick-me-up cocktail in the evening.

Long-time friends, Bill Adams and Lenny Gotter formed Deco Distilling in 2008 in Portland, Oregon out of their passion for fine quality spirits, and rum in particular. The pair started from the ground-up, developing the recipes and products that they previewed in Oregon in November of 2009. Their spicy Ginger Flavored Rum has been a big hit among cocktail enthusiasts and mixologists since its launch in 2010. Deco Distilling Products are available in Oregon bars and liquor stores and online in select states.

If you happen to be from Portland or plan to visit, Deco Distilling is now open 12-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays for tastings at 1512 SE 7th at Hawthorne. Deco Distilling is a member of Distillery Row, a group of six craft distilleries located in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District that offer tours and tastings of their unique range of handcrafted spirits.