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A Taste of Denizen Rum

A blend of aged rum from Trinidad and pot still rum from Jamaica, Denizen is one of the most distinct and complex white rums on the market.  Here’s the scoop.


The Noble Blend

Denizen is a rebellious blend of three different styles of rum from Trinidad and Jamaica that have been meticulously selected by master blenders in Amsterdam, whose company has been handcrafting Caribbean style rums dating back to the early 1700s when The Netherlands colonized much of the Caribbean.  

The rums included in the final blend primarily include charcoal filtered aged rum from the famed Angostura distillery in Trinidad that have been distilled in continuous column stills and aged up to 5 years in small American oak barrels to impart a rich and refined flavor.  A small component of fresh unaged Trinidadian rum has been combined with trace amounts of an intermediate blend of Jamaican pot still rums consisting of 15 different high ester rums sourced from the Hampden and New Yarmouth Distilleries, providing a firm backbone where the filtered aged rum can lay upon.  

The different production methodologies and cultures that have influenced the craftsmanship of Denizen give the product much more depth and complexity compared to common mixing rums that are thinner with more neutral flavors.  The result is a well-balanced, three dimensional, crystal clear rum that is sure to make cocktails shine.

Denizen is the initial product created by Citizen Spirits, LLC and first launched in the US during March 2010.  It is currently distributed in NY State through MHW LTD ( but can be purchased online via and delivered across the US where legal.  

Next Thursday, November 3rd, you can get a taste of Denizen at the Rum Bar at 1117 Duval St. in Key West, FL.  We’ll be featuring Denizen cocktails, talking Denizen and giving away Denizen door prizes all day long.  Swing by for a taste of this truly unique new white rum.  Cheers!!