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Still Drinkin’!

You might suspect that tough economic times would hurt the liquor and bar business, right?  A new study reveals quite the opposite.  Here are the details.


Hard Times Call For Hard Drinks

Have you ever wondered how the economy effects the trends in alcohol consumption and liquor sales.  Well, there are people who actually study this stuff and their findings might surprise you.

Despite the sluggish economic recovery, consumers are continuing to dine out.  According to data in the newly released BARometer Handbook, many customers are seeking a more sophisticated experience when eating out and when ordering drinks.  Bartenders are keeping up with craft cocktails trends, artisanal spirits, specialty non-alcoholic drinks, regional wines and organic and micro-brewed beers to keep customers’ interest. 

Still, the top drinks have not changed much over the years.  According to the bar manager’s survey, the Margarita remains the most popular mixed drink nationwide, although decreasing slightly in share.  The Martini and Rum and Coke both take second and third spots, respectively.  The Cosmopolitan cracked the top five this year, which it hasn’t accomplished since the 2008 survey. 

Other trends include: Barcardi still claims the top spot in US and UK rum sales.  Chardonnay remains the best-selling wine varietal because consumers find it easy to order and drink. Merlot continues to be more popular in hotels and clubs.  Finally, in the beer segment, Corona edged out Heineken as the best-selling imported beer and Sam Adams continues as the most popular craft beer. 

Where do you fit into this equation?  Has the economy made an impact on how and what you drink?  Let us hear from you….