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Endangered – Centenario XX

Our friend Dave Russell from signs in with commentary about another Endangered Rum.  Tune in to see what he has to say about Centenario XX.


Endangered Rums – Centenario Fundacion XX Años
by Dave Russell

Centenario XX  – If you like tight leather and stitches, then you’ll want to go right out and buy all the Centenario XX rum you can lay your mits on.  The Costa Rican rum carries a new name “20”, and package – sans cowhide bodice.   Attractive and shapely as the new 20 bottle is, your rum ‘n leather fetish will soon be over if you don’t shop now.

Last month I forced Rum Connection’s Mike Streeter to take me to the one shop left on Key West where I could buy the leather wrapped bottle, you know, just to have around as a conversation starter.  It’s really about the rum however.  Centenario’s 20 and Fundacion XX Años are an absolute joy to sip neat.  Whether the new politically correct naked glass bottle or the old harness tack turns you on, its smooth flavors and enticing aromas inspire you to drink more, or even plan your next Central American vacation.

Introduce your friends to Centenario XX at your next rum tasting.  Whether they are newcomers to rum or seasoned aficionado’s, you’ll make converts to the rum maker’s craft.    SRP: $35


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