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Endangered Rums: ’94 JM

Dave Russell is back with details about another endangered rum. See what he has to say about Rhum J.M ’94.


imageRhum J.M 1994 – at first glance, it might look like any other Rhum J.M, until you notice the traditional label is made of embossed leather! That extra level of adornment is about as boastful as J.M gets. And believe you me, this rhum vieux agricole offers plenty to boast about. Rare as a French hen’s teeth, J.M 1994 is everything you love about AOC Martinique agricoles, and nothing less.

J.M’s 1994 pushes superlatives – delicately aromatic and sublimely flavorful – a rhum that asks no favors and makes no excuses. Rhum J.M 1994 shows a beautiful shade of amber with orange highlights. Aromas are proud but delicate, floral, subtle and intoxicating; with some earthy sugarcane, sweet anise, fresh dried tobacco and young leather, charcoal-smoky with sweet notes of caramel, mildly spicy, with hints of tropical fruit.

Tasting reveals flavors that adding physical dimension to the aromas. For many newcomers to rum, agricoles are an acquired taste, but J.M’s 1994 vintage is so refined it may force a recalibration of your palate.

Alas, most of us won’t get the opportunity to do so. With US allocation numbering in the tens of bottles, only the lucky few will ever taste Rhum J.M’s exquisite 1994 vintage. Under those circumstances, price isn’t the concern, acquisition becomes the goal. $230.

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