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Endangered Rums – ’98 Vintage

Our friend Dave Russell is back with more commentary about Endangered Rums. Check it out.


Endangered Rums
by Dave Russell

Rum is Fun, but this is one rum I’ve had to fight for!  Well, at least I had to use strongarm negotiating tactics to win one of  the last bottles of Foursquare 1998 on Barbados.

Richard Seale, head of Foursquare Distillery, doesn’t often make a vintage rum.  Pity that, since his 1998 Vintage is one of the world’s finest.  It had a short production run, but errant bottles can still be found proudly displayed on the top shelf of a few Bajan bars, or left behind and forgotten in a liquor store.  1998 is a sublime rum, get it!

The aromas are more appealing and less forward than found in many premium aged Bajan rums.  Perfectly proportioned too – no single scent overwhelms, and each is released in a new layer if you take time sniffing to explore each one.  First you’ll find caramelized sugar, vanilla, oak, and smokey char, then 1998 produces a slight must, pleasantly smelling like the inside of a barrel aging building.  Hints of cocoa, dried fruit (apricot, plum, currants) and nice earthy vegetal qualities (cane and fresh tobacco) and just a bit of spice (cinnamon and clove) are also apparent.

Foursquare’s Vintage 1998 rum is so incredibly well balanced that its complex individual flavors stand together like a well rehearsed chorus.   It’s worth the fight.  SRP $35

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