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Endangered Rums

Our friend Dave Russell from the chimes in with more commentary on rare rums.  Here’s his take on Botran 1893.


Botran 1893
by Dave Russell

Botran Solera 1893 – The shapely teardrop decanter always elicits a hushed “Whoa” of anticipation whenever it’s introduced at rum tastings.  Sadly, the collectible perfume-like bottle is gone, replaced by a heavy, more conventionally shaped piece of glass that’s more substantial in heft if not in artistry.  Aside from the package though, the rum inside is the same exquisite spirit.

Botran Solera offers a delicate caramel aroma, coupled with golden raisin, a hint of dried apricot tart-fruit, and a slight oaken vanilla foundation, leaving traces of almond nutmeg aromas till the end. This solera-style delicacy is aged in a variety of oak barrels, some used once for maturing American bourbon, still others were used to age Port or Sherry.   Portions of many barrels containing different vintages have been periodically and sequentially blended together over the years.   Younger rums are combined with progressively older ones until the desired age and flavor is achieved. Only then is the rum ready for bottling.

If clothes make the man, then Botran’s top shelf rum has been dressed for success in its masculine new bottle.  And if you stumble across the old tear drop bottle, buy it and behold. $38


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