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Endangered: Sugarcane Brandy

Dave Russell is back with more endangered rums.  Here’s his take on Mount Gay Sugarcane Brandy.


Mount Gay Sugar Cane Rum is the name used outside of the Caribbean and other countries, but the very same product is called Sugar Cane Brandy in the tropics. It isn’t Brandy, it’s Rum, and its distilled from molasses not freshly crushed sugarcane juice. But hey, “a rose by any other name …” It’s also one of those rare rums, bursting with typical Bajan flavor, that satisfies the palate whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or used in cocktails and mixed drinks. It’s also an endangered species, as in Discontinued.

Apparently, Mount Gay is prevented by law from labeling their Sugar Cane Rum “Brandy” in the USA and several other countries. No matter; they are one and the same wonderful, under-appreciated rums, enticing to sniff and delicious to sip.

Mount Gay phased out the Sugar Cane Brandy/Rum in about 2010, to make room for Eclipse Black overproof rum. Collectors be warned; Sugar Cane Brandy Rum is now officially an endangered species. All that’s available is what’s still dribbling through the distribution channels. If you want the version labeled “Brandy” in your locker, you’ll probably have to shop in the Caribbean, at least while supplies last. By either name, be sure to buy Mount Gay’s Sugar Cane Brandy/Rum whenever you find it.. There’s no telling if it will ever pass your way again.


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