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Exceptional Spirit of Appleton

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Launches “Exceptional Spirit” Digital Experience.  New website focuses on interactive and social opportunities on the internet.

KINGSTON, JAMAICA (10/3/2010) — Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum has launched a new global on-line campaign with the introduction of their new website –

Drawing together an exciting range of digital and on-line tools, Peter Hottmann, Global Consumer Marketing Manager for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, says that the site “brings the essence of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum to life on the screen in an exciting, innovative, interactive and responsible manner.”

Developed around the theme, “The Exceptional Spirit”, the new website brings together the maker’s world and Appleton Estate’s rich heritage with the drinker’s world and people who themselves have an exceptional amount of spirit.  It features four main sections: ‘The Spirits’, ‘the Place’; ‘The Experience’ and “The Community.

The Spirits’ section speaks to the unique qualities of each of the brands in the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum range and includes information and tasting notes on each of the expressions.  “The Place” focuses on the over 260 year history and heritage of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, the brand’s unique manufacturing process and what Hottmann refers to as the Brand’s Seven Elements of Distinction.  “The Seven Elements of Distinction is what sets Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum apart from other rums and includes the “Terroir” of the region, the copper pot stills which are integral to our manufacturing process and are unique to the Appleton Estate, and the brand’s legacy of blending exceptional rums.”

“The Experience” features an Exceptional Bars section where visitors to the website can locate bars around the world where people get together to share their spirit and a great Appleton Estate cocktail.  This section also features recipes for some of the more popular and iconic Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum signature cocktails as well as video demonstrations on how to make these cocktails. The cocktails section also features Quick Response bar code technology which allows visitors to download recipes directly onto their smart phones.  Both the “Exceptional Bars” and “Cocktail” sections will be updated and expanded on a regular basis.

According to Peter Hottmann he is particularly excited about ‘The Community’ section of the website.  “Our ‘Community’ page allows our consumers and brand ambassadors to interact with the brand through various social media. Visitors to the website can submit their own exceptional cocktail recipes and recommend Exceptional Bars and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Events to be featured on ‘The Experience’ page.  ‘The Community’ page also has a link to the Appleton Estate Facebook fan page and twitter feed as well as other Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum social media pages and links.”

The website new press page has an archive of press releases on the brand and also allows journalists to submit questions and requests for information directly to the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Communications Team.

The website was developed by Canadian advertising agency HQVB in collaboration with Appleton Estate’s global consumer marketing team and representatives from Appleton Estate’s major markets around the world.

About Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum:

The Appleton Estate is located in the Nassau Valley in the parish of St. Elizabeth.  The first known documentation of rum production at the Appleton Estate is dated 1749 and it is the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica in continuous operation. All Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums are produced exclusively on the Appleton Estate using time-honoured traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation since 1749.

The Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum range is Jamaica’s leading premium rum and is available in over 55 countries around the world.  The brands that comprise this range of premium aged rums include Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum; Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum; Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Old Jamaica Rum; Appleton Estate Master Blenders’ Legacy, Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum and the Limited Edition Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Jamaica Rum.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum is committed to the environment and to reducing its carbon footprint.  The Company has made significant investment in plant, equipment and training to ensure that its operations in the Nassau Valley, as well as the head office in Kingston, are green.  The Kingston Head Office received ISO 14000 certification in February 2009 – which means that the Company has developed sound environmental initiatives that meet the requirements of the ISO standard.

About HQvB

HQvB is Canada’s first truly hybrid advertising agency and a partnership of three of Canada’s leading creative people. Silo free, HQvB creates ideas that get people involved with brands. As such, HQvB seamlessly crosses traditional, digital and social media, as well as integrates design and event creation. The work produced by HQvB has garnered industry accolades and media attention internationally as the agency continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in today’s new media world.