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Facebook Fan Contest

The Rum Connection Facebook community has climbed to over 1000 fans and we love every last one of you….so here’s a contest giveaway just for our FB peeps…..


Ok, we admit it.  We were among the “Facebook is for kids” camp as recently as last year.  But after some serious prodding (ridicule) from our techie friends, we created the Rum Connection fan page.  In a short time it has become a meeting place for fellow rum nerds to discuss brands, cocktails, events and even make plans to meet in tropical locales to tour distilleries and rum shops.  The conversation is friendly, the photos are great and a big thank you goes out to everyone who participates.

So, here’s the contest part.  On our way to 1500 fans we want to give you some incentive to invite your friends to our rum party.  Suggest the Rum Connection Facebook page to your list of friends and the 1500th fan and person who invited them will receive a cool gift set from Cockspur Rum which includes a t-shirt, hat and deck of playing cards.  Invite one and all!!

Thanks everybody, and good luck.

Cockspur Gift Pack

Cockspur Gift Set