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Wine & Food Fest Part 2

More observations of the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival in Edmonton from our friend Chip Dykstra.


Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival Part 2

By Chip Dykstra

Day 2 and 3

I spent day two and three at the festival learning about what was happening in the rum industry in Canada.  Small import companies are popping up throughout Alberta and Western Canada to bring rums from all over the world to my home province.  In contrast, big companies like Diageo are shelving the small brands they control (like Pampero).  It seems like the  small guys are jumping in to capitalize on the rum revolution that the bigger companies are ignoring.  The booth for Diageo did not even contain any rum.  I was told by the Diageo rep at the show that they sell so much Captain Morgan they did not feel a need to bring it along.  While the small guys were busting a leg to get noticed, the big guys seemed content  not to rock the market with any type of innovation or diversity.  So I guess we are faced with a contrast in style, only time will tell which approach is best for the companies although I am pretty sure as a consumer I know which style appealed to me.

But lets get back to the show.  Everyone was all smiles after the first successful day at the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival.

amrut Rum

I met a Scotsman (who was really Australian) who had a love for the Amrut Rum from India.  The Amrut Old Port Rum is a great dark rum which uses real Indian Cane as the base for its molasses.


I met Dean Miller a spirits rep for River Valley Beverage and he brought the full range of Matusalem Rum.  Dean was Camera shy but I got a nice shot of the rum.  Matusalem is known for its smooth laid back flavour.


The Diplomatico Booth was great and their representative let me try every rum in his range as well as the tequilas too. Diplomatico rums are spicy and nutty rums with a really nice sweet punch to them.


Days two and three of The Food & Wine Festival were great.  Stay tuned for more of my rum reviews.  Juan Santos 12 is coming up later this week.

Cheers…..Arctic Wolf