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Golden Rum Barrel Awards

The UK Rum Fest and its founder, Ian Burrell, hosted the second annual Golden Rum Barrel Awards last weekend in London.  Here are the winners…


Rum Distillery of the Year 
Foursquare Distillery, Barbados

Rum Distiller of the Year 
Richard Seale (Foursquare, Barbados)

Rum Blender of the Year 
Tito Cordero (Venezuela, Diplomatico)

Rum Blogger of the Year (Europe) 
The Floating Rum Shack

Rum Blogger of the Year (The Americas)
Rum Connection

The nomination was honor enough, but the Rum Connection crew is thrilled to have won Rum Blogger of the Year for the Americas.  This site has always been about the inspiring products, people and places in the rum world and it’s wonderful to know that our message resinates with our readers and friends in the industry.  Cheers!

Rum Ambassador of the Year (UK) 
Meimi Sanchez (Havana Club)

Rum Ambassador of the Year (International) 
David Cordoba (Bacardi Rum)
Jim Wrigley (Ron Santa Teresa)

Best New Rum (Gold) 
Abuelo Centuria, Panama

Best New Rum (White) 
Banks 5 Island

Best New Rum Package 
Bacardi 1909

Boutique Rum Fest Award 
Doorly’s XO Rum, Barbados

The Rum Experience Rum Pioneers Award

Joy Spence from Appleton Jamaica rum. The first female Rum master blender.

Ed Hamilton from the Ministry of Rum. Founder of the pioneering web page and rum forum.