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Another Halloween Cocktail

Now is the perfect time to plan your spooky Halloween party! Impress your guests this year with this smoky rum cocktail, created by Todd Maul from Clio in Boston.


Smoky Rum Cocktails
With Brugal

Halloween themed drinks can seem a little childish at times with silly names and garnishes.  But this addition to our spooky cocktails bag-o-tricks rises to the top with a nicely balanced flavor profile, super premium ingredient list and fun presentation.  Enjoy the Smoking Cinnamon!

Smoking Cinnamon

1.5 oz Brugal Añejo
1.5 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice
.5 oz Punt e Mes
.5oz Batavia Arrack
.4 oz simple syrup (2-1, sugar-water)

Shake ingredients with ice.  Catch a cinnamon stick on fire. Place a coupe cocktail glass over it to smother as it fills the glass with smoke. Flip glass over and watch cloud of smoke rise. Fill glass with shaken cocktail and enjoy!