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Hangover Cures

If you’re planning on ringing in the New Year with a full-on party this Saturday night, you may need a hangover remedy Sunday morning.  Here are our favorites.


So, the original plan was to meet a few friends at your local watering hole for “one, maybe two drinks.”  By 4am you’re stumbling home, singing songs, laughing and sipping on that last cocktail you smuggled away from the bar.  We’ve all been there, right?  What an epic night and, unfortunately, it will probably be accompanied by an equally epic hangover tomorrow morning.  Don’t panic, here are a few steps that might help you minimize the repercussions from last night’s party.


It sounds foolish, I know, but the best way to cure a hangover is to not get one.  Be sure to eat properly and have fun, but use a bit of restraint with the volume of cocktail consumption.  


Water – This should be pretty obvious.  Drinking alcohol dehydrates your system and is the cause of that nasty headache.  Drinking plenty of water before you call it a night and first thing in the morning will help you recover.

Gatorade / Vitamin Water – Come on, you’ve seen the commercials.  Electrolytes and all the rest of the good stuff in sports drinks will help you feel better in no time.

Coffee – Another obvious one.  Drink some hot, dark roast coffee and get that much needed dose of caffeine.

Ginger Beer – Ginger is a natural cure for nausea and as a rum aficionado you probably have some Ginger Beer in your fridge.  Drink it and feel better fast.

Cure the headache

Headache Meds – A few aspirins before bed and in the morning will help.  BC’s or Goodies (pulverized aspirin in powder form) work fast!  Aleve has become the goto headache medication of choice among our drinking crew.  

Alka Seltzer – Strange, this old fashioned remedy really zaps headaches and calms a fragile stomach.  Give it a try.


Bananas – Getting something in your stomach is crtitical right about now.  Why not boost your potassium level at the same time?  Bananas really are nature’s energy bar.

Big greasy breakfast – Bacon, eggs, grits and maybe even some waffles will fill that void in your stomach.  If there’s a 24-hour diner nearby, stop in before you go home at night.  IHOP and Waffle House can also be a great source of late night entertainment.  You won’t believe who hangs out in these places in the middle of the night.

Get Active

Exercise – Get your blood pumping and some fresh air with a walk around the neighborhood.


There are a variety of new products hitting the market that are made specifically as hangover cures.  We’ve tried Security-Feel Better and it worked like a charm.  


We hope this helps!  If you have a favorite hangover cure, let us hear it.  Cheers!