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Happy Repeal Day

Today is Repeal Day. Raise your glass and celebrate the anniversary of the end of Prohibition!


For nearly 14 years, from 1920 until 1933, the transport, manufacture and sale of liquor  was outlawed in the US.  Of courses, booze never really stopped flowing during the Prohibition years.  Speakeasy saloons popped up in cities and towns across the country and were supplied by a growing underground criminal element.

By the early 1930s, well-organized groups of citizens and business owners began to lobby for the repeal of Prohibition.  Politicians got in on the act and at the end of 1933, with the passage of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution, Prohibition came to an end.

The anniversary of that fine day, December 5th, has become known as Repeal Day and is great cause for celebration.  Grab a bottle of rum and a good group of drinking buddies and make a toast to the end of a very dark period in American history.  Here’s to the legal consumption of fine spirits!! CHEERS to Repeal Day!!