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Happy Rum Day!!

Today is National Rum Day!!  A day where we sit back, relax and pay homage to the noble spirit.  Wherever you are, be sure to set aside some time for a stiff rum drink with good friends.

To help you celebrate we recommend this simple Old Fashioned recipe with a twist.  Enjoy.



2 parts Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

1/2 part Rich Simple Syrup

3 dashes of Bitters

Coconut Water Ice Cubes (see additional recipe below)

Method: Cut a wide swath of orange peel and lightly press it in the bottom of a rocks glass. Add rum, syrup and bitters. Now drop in a few Coconut Water Ice Cubes and stir gently.  Serve and enjoy.

Coconut Water Ice Cubes Recipe: Pour a can of Coconut Water (strain the pulp out first, if needed) in an ice cube tray – the bigger the cube tray the better – and freeze for several hours.